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A documentary series in production

Taste and see

We eat to stay alive. But is there more to food?

In the sacred Christian practice of communion, we see how eating bread and drinking wine serve as a window into deep spiritual truths about giving and receiving, hungering and thirsting, living and dying.

What if not just bread and wine, but all food has this remarkable potential?

If we learned to taste and truly savor, what might we see?

Taste and See explores the spirituality of food with farmers, chefs, butchers and winemakers engaging with food as a profound gift from God. Their stories serve as a meditation on the beauty, mystery and wonder to be found in every meal shared at the table.

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Can you help?

We think Taste and See is for a large audience – from foodies to the faithful – because everyone is hungry for more. But we need help to make the project a reality. 

Specifically, we are looking for the right subjects for the series (more below) and the financial resources to make the project possible. 

If you can help with either, please write .

know someone we should feature?

We are looking for people wildly passionate about food, with expertise and credibility in the food world, with a deeply rooted faith. They could be a chef, farmer, butcher, winemaker, baker, food critic, or other visionary engaging deeply with food as a profound gift from God. We’re not looking for the preachy types or those who view food as a cheap spiritual metaphor. Rather, we’re on the hunt for the lovers of the beauty of God’s creation. People with a contagious joy for life and a particular window on that joy through food. Full of childlike wonder. Tasting and constantly seeing afresh. 


Andrew Brumme
Andrew Brumme
Director, Producer

Andrew is a storyteller with a passion for people and projects telling the world’s most important stories. He most recently served as Producer on the award-winning feature documentary In Pursuit of Silence, a meditative and experiential film about silence, sound and the impact of noise on our lives. His first spark of inspiration for Taste and See came from reading Robert Farrar Capon’s The Supper of the Lamb.

Daniel Kunz
Daniel Kunz
Producer, Cinematographer
Stefan Brauchli
Stefan Brauchli
Producer, Cinematographer