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Taste and See

A docuseries on the spirituality of food

Taste and See explores the spirituality of food with farmers, chefs, bakers and winemakers engaging with food as a profound gift from God. Their stories serve as a meditation on the beauty, mystery and wonder to be found in every meal shared at the table.

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“To eat is still something more than to maintain bodily functions. People may not understand what that ‘something more’ is, but they nonetheless desire to celebrate it. They are still hungry and thirsty for sacramental life.”
– Norman Wirzba, Food and Faith


I grew up in a world where food and faith were disconnected. I always enjoyed eating, but never gave food much thought.

Everything changed in 2015 when I read Robert Farrar Capon’s The Supper of the Lamb. With brilliant humor, theological depth, and a passion for cooking, Capon brought me to his table and taught me the power of every meal. It was an epiphany. Scales fell from my eyes as I discovered food and everything connected with eating as inherently and profoundly spiritual. Beauty, mystery, wonder and delight could be found in every meal shared at the table. Eating was a window offering glimpses of the deepest truths, answers to the biggest questions, tastes of the divine, as food for our bodies and souls.

The potential audience is vast. This series will resonate with foodies and the spiritually-inclined alike. Many foodies are hungry for meaning behind the delicious ingredients they celebrate, and intuitively seem to know there is more to food than just physical nourishment. And as with my own upbringing, many people of faith struggle to connect their eating to God. Taste and See brings these worlds together with its premise that the material and the spiritual are inseparable. Eating together is an intimate, spiritual act.

Andrew Brumme


Andrew Brumme

Director, Producer

Daniel Kunz

Director of Photography

Stefan Brauchli

Producer, Cinematographer

Patrick Shen

Editor & Series Story Consultant

Andrew Brumme produced the award-winning feature documentary In Pursuit of Silence, a meditative and experiential film about silence, sound and the impact of noise on our lives. After premiering at SXSW, the film was released theatrically in the UK, USA, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Japan.

Previous credits include Producer for It’s a Girl, a feature documentary about the controversial topic of gendercide – the targeted killing of girls around the world because of their gender – which he produced under a pseudonym given the sensitivities involved in the production. Higher profile screenings took place at the European Parliament, British Parliament, and with the U.S. Congress on Capitol Hill. The film was also distributed on Netflix.

His early experience was marketing films to the faith and family audience including Ben Stein’s 2008 documentary, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, and Disney’s 2005 blockbuster, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Taste and See is filmmaker his directorial debut.

Founded in 2010, CRUNCH is a growing leader in media and advertising across Switzerland. With a passion for technology and innovative communication concepts, Co-founders Daniel and Stefan share a big vision for a new approach to filmmaking in a fully digital workflow. Known particularly for their innovation with commercial clients across diverse industries and regions in Switzerland, CRUNCH is expanding into film and television production with Taste and See.  

Patrick’s cinematic works include the award-winning films Flight from Death: The Quest for Immortality, The Philosopher Kings, La Source, and the SXSW 2016 film, In Pursuit of Silence. His films have received 24 awards and 11 nominations, and have been featured on the TED blog, CNN, Huffington Post, NY Times, LA Times, Boston Globe, and the Washington Post. In 2009, Patrick was the recipient of the Emerging Cinematic Vision Award from Camden International Film Festival and since 2005, he has presented his work at hundreds of film festivals, cinemas, museums, and major academic institutions all over the globe including SXSW, CPH:DOX, Sheffield Doc/Fest, Full Frame Film Festival, USC School of Cinematic Arts, the Smithsonian, The Hammer Museum, NYC Museum of Natural History, Princeton, and Harvard University.